About calculates insights about the content of a web page using various natural language processing techniques.

Using, you can find the following insights about a web page: only supports English articles at this time.

About "Surprisal"

Surprisal is a metric that encompasses how unique a word is in a corpus of text relative to a baseline corpus of text. calculates surprisal using a corpus of New York Times articles. This corpus was chosen since the text in news articles is grammatically varied. The less common a word is in that corpus, the higher the surprisal.

The full corpus of word surprisals is available as JSON data.

Add a Language references an English language corpus of New York Times articles to calculate surprisal. Furthermore, the Flesch-Kincaid metric for evaluating reading time and reading level is only applicable to English.

We would love to have support for more languages on!

To add a language, you can submit a PR to the repository. You will need to: